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Welcome to FLAXXON's Dressing Room!

This page is dedicated to Twins or Friends wanting to wear the same outfit! We got u girls x 

Borrow Our Style

About "Borrow Our Style"

For those who don't know, we LOVE fashion!

If we aren't in Activewear sweating out a workout or sitting at a café with our Chihuahua's, you will most likely find us wearing anything with a Label from Chanel, to Tiffany and Louis Vuitton! 

So, we decided that our huge collection of Gowns and Night Life attire should be put to good use, but this time with a twist; there's two of the same outfit!

Ever wanted to dress up with your bestie or your Twin and feel what it's like to go all matching on 'em? Well now you can!

You can now Hire Out or Gowns for your night out on the Town for as little as $49.00

Check out our range below and don't forget to follow @BORROWOURSTYLE on Insta!

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